For us at EC Gallery, it is all about pursuing our passion, excellence and “The Art of Discovery.” It is with that passion that we opened the first EC Gallery in 1995. Known for discovering talent, EC Gallery established itself to be on the cutting edge of art, discovering half a dozen unknown artists and brought them to international acclaim. The galleries uniquely draw from these talented group of premiere artists under exclusive contracts with us from all different genres.

EC Gallery is rooted in the commitment to artistic excellence. A philosophy that has brought a loyal customer base that continues to grow as we celebrate our 25th anniversary! 

Each member of the gallery is passionate about the role art plays in the individual human experience. Whether it is the directors, consultants or artists on our team, each member’s role is to provide the best experience and put the collector’s interests above ours.

Our ultimate quest is that you, the art patron, can experience art in a pristine, comfortable, luxurious environment with ease of decision, lack of pressure, and fullness of joy. That the art you decide is right for you is supported by a kind, sincere, knowledgeable, caring consultant and fellow art appreciator. The true excellence of our vision will only be realized over time and it’s to this end that we work. To see your art collection and ours surpass us. Excellence found in “Art that stands the test of time.”

There is a human element in every aspect of the art business. It’s about the artists, it’s about the client, it’s about the gallery staff. When you come from that point of view, it keeps you doing business the right way because you know that every decision you make has a trickle- down effect. Our passion stems from the love of what we do and operating with integrity and with people in mind. It is this philosophy and approach to the art business that sets us apart, and will make the EC Gallery brand stand the test of time. Thank you for taking the time to visit our new web site and we look forward to seeing you in one of our galleries soon. 

The EC Gallery Team




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