Exclusive Collections Fine Art Galleries (EC Galleries) offers an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate the beauty of fine works of art.

Everything from the artists and fine art we carry, to our exciting line-up of special events, to the exceptional service of our staff, is all focused on achieving one purpose: to foster an extraordinary gallery environment where patrons and artists can meet, share their passion for art and build long-lasting relationships through the joy of collecting fine art. 

At EC Galleries, we believe that art is a necessity in our lives and that each art collection and the pleasure enjoyed from owning fine art presents a remarkable opportunity to pass on your legacy for many generations to come.

Michael Flohr "Parisian Rain"

Throughout the year, we host a spectacular line-up of gallery events featuring some of today’s most celebrated artists—from young emerging masters to established international masters. We endeavor to make your art-collecting experience deeply personal by creating a venue to actually meet these fantastic artists, to learn what inspires them, and to share your own experiences derived from enjoying and collecting fine art.

EC Galleries’ themed events are marked by a special artist appearance, culinary delights, fine wine, acclaimed musicians, dance performances, and surprises along the way. Simply give us a call to ensure that we have your artist preferences and correct mailing information as you will not want to miss these fantastic events! We want to be sure you receive a personal invitation.

As art collectors ourselves, we believe that a work of art that truly reflects the collector’s unique personality will provide a lifetime of pleasure. Backed with decades of experience in the fine art industry, our proprietors are considered fine art gallery experts. EC Galleries has the expertise to assist you in building a significant collection of fine art and to further a lasting and enduring legacy with value for you.

Whether you are an experienced art collector or entirely new to the incredible experience of falling in love with a work of art and starting your own collection, we would be honored to assist you with whatever your needs may be. 

The EC Galleries Team



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