David Wight

Double Tsunami Wave Cobalt Medium
Hand Blown Glass
10 x 9 x 11 in

David Wight

David Wight

David Wight is the world’s premiere glass wave sculptor, whose art can be found in galleries spanning North America. Born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, he had always felt a strong connection to the water. It wasn’t until years later, after returning from a trip exploring tropical Caribbean waterfalls that he found the inspiration for what would become his life's work - to bring the rejuvenating power of water into people’s lives. Finding guidance and mentorship at the esteemed Pilchuck Glass School, he explored, experimented, and in time created the tools and techniques to capture the continuous movement and flowing nature of water. Every sculpture is unique and has been individually crafted by David Wight in his Bellingham studio for over 25 years. Using the molten liquid of hot glass as his chosen medium, his work embodies the beauty, grace, and power of water in its most dynamic form: The Wave

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