Johnny Bear Contreras

Missing 43 (Red Rum)
21 x 13 x 22 in
The Missing 43 I would like first to acknowledge the families of the missing 43 and say that it is in the most respectful way that I know to bring this issue to the forefront of my art world. Let’s start with the color I chose, which is brilliant red. I have described it in this way when asked, it’s like a red balloon at a party mixed in with all the rest of the pretty colors, except that this denotes a horrible event that not everyone hears about. I want people to talk about the missing 43 and what can be changed in our humanity to prevent this from happening again. I call her valiant of the earth, she there to consol us, and she is a guide to the next dimension and its hers and hers alone, the agave and the desert. These are her tools for our journey, her hands acknowledge from within her soul the 43! Johnny Bear Contreras

Johnny Bear Contreras

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