Michael Flohr & RuthAnn discuss “Good Times Square”

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Michael Flohr & RuthAnn discuss “Good Times Square”

March 17, 2008

Michael Flohr & RuthAnn Thorn discuss “Good Times Square”

Contemporary painter Michael Flohr has long been intrigued by the infinite sources of artistic inspiration in New York City — from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Central Park and countless spaces in between. But in seeking a cityscape that exudes the epitome of a good time, Times Square won hands down! Flohr’s dynamic impressionistic style has served his subject matter well. Bursting with color and explosive energy, he renders the symbolic soul of New York City, aptly titled, “Good Times Square”.

Times Square is renown for it Broadway theatres, cinemas and animated neon and television-style super signs. It is a magnet for tourists and the center of New York’s social scene. And as the epicenter of worldwide New Year’s Eve celebrations, rest assured that this corner of the world has served up many a good time.

In this powerful composition, Flohr has captured the heat of the city with cadmium red streets that reflect the neon lights so high above. His brush dances on the canvas with a rainbow of color as if to suggest the artistic influence of the Broadway theaters that align the pathway of this epic hotspot.

Like the Red Square in Moscow, Trafalgar Square in London; Times Square in Manhattan is an iconic world landmark. At the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue and encompassing an area between 40th to 53rd Streets and 6th to 9th Avenues, the perpetual motion of Times Square ensures its visitors that they are bound for a good time!