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Sep 2014: ROYO, “Poemas” in Laguna Beach
Aug 2014: Michael Summers Paints Harrah’s Resort SoCal Wall Mural
Jan 2014: Six Year Old Holds Her Own Art Show at Las Vegas Exclusive Collections Gallery


Oct 2013: Brad Perry Interviews Christopher M. and Daniel Ryan for Masterpiece Monday on KUSI
Nov 2013: 7th Annual Miniature Painting Show in San Diego
Oct 2013: Michael Summers art featured on The Harlequin Tea Set Blog
Oct 2013: Daniel Merriam, “A World Apart”
Aug 2013: EC Gallery Kids Art Contest
Jul 2013: Hisashi Otsuka, “Kimono Ink”
Jul 2013: 18th Annual Anniversary Show
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May 2013: The Mural Project Brings Outdoor Art to the Village
May 2013: Colorful Cats Appear on Carlsbad Wall
May 2013: Mother’s Day Giveaway on Latina Mom TV
May 2013: Michael Flohr, “The Big Easy”
Apr 2013: Masterpiece Monday on FOX 5 More Las Vegas
Apr 2013: Daniel Ryan “Diary of a Nature Nerd” in Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
Apr 2013: Exclusive Collections Gallery and the Marine Room Host the 3rd Annual The Best of the Best, A Tribute to Culinary Art for the Senses
Apr 2013: EC Galleries at Mission Federal ArtWalk!
Mar 2013: Michael Summers, “Rather Curious”
Mar 2013: Steven Quartly, “Colors of Romance” in San Diego
Mar 2013: 7th Annual Miniature Painting Show in Las Vegas
Feb 2013: Christopher M., “Feast for the Eyes”
Jan 2013: Dale TerBush Show, “Abundance of Light”


Dec 2012: Henry Asencio, “Essence of Woman” in Laguna Beach
Dec 2012: Michael Summers Featured on Blog “Angry Ally”
Nov 2012: 6th Annual Miniature Show in San Diego
Nov 2012: Henry Asencio, “Essence of Woman” in Las Vegas
Oct 2012: Daniel Merriam, “Taking Reality By Surprise”
Oct 2012: EC Laguna Beach Gallery in Laguna Beach Magazine
Oct 2012: Michael Flohr Hosts Grand Opening of EC Laguna Beach Gallery
Sep 2012: Gloria Lee Puts on a Show of Botanical Proportions in “Floral Splendor”
Aug 2012: Asencio Explores the Brilliance of Red in “Visions in Crimson”
Aug 2012: “Asencio Ascends in Laguna Beach”
Jul 2012: EC Galleries Celebrates 17th Anniversary Show with Walfrido Garcia
Jul 2012: EC Laguna Beach Gallery Celebrates Anniversary Show with Gloria Lee
Jun 2012: Exclusive Collections Gallery Hosts Artist Michael Flohr at Seaport Village
Jul 2012: EC Forum Shops Gallery Celebrates Anniversary Show with Nan Coffey
Jan 2012: Michael Summers Invites YOU!
May 2012: Mother’s Day Gifts for Celebrity Moms: Artist Michael Summers Paints “A Mother’s Love” for Celebs’ Hollywood Gift Boxes
May 2012: Daniel Merriam Featured in BSC News Magazine
May 2012: Michael Summers Featured in BSC News Magazine
Apr 2012: Tree Of Life: Artist Exhibition Featuring Daniel Ryan
Apr 2012: BEST OF THE BEST: Dine with Today’s Top Artists
Apr 2012: Daniel Ryan Mentioned On “A Little Alytude” for Earth Day
Apr 2012: Daniel Ryan Mentioned On “” for Earth Day
Apr 2012: Michael Flohr on “Where’s Ruben” for ArtWalk 2012
Mar – May 2012: Yelp us Out!
May 2012: Steve Barton featured on Seaport Village Blog
Feb 2012: Bella Hearts Featured in ArtWalk Egram
Feb 2012: Michael Flohr featured on cover of Symphony Parnassus 2011-2012 Concert Season
Feb 2012: Asencio’s “Blossom” featured in The Hampton Roads Show for Academy Awards Gifts by Distinctive Assets
Feb 2012: Lucky Magazine Features EC Gallery!
Feb 2012: Media Advisory Christopher M. Presents a Four Course “Feast for the Eyes”
Jan 2012: Michael Summers Show, “Seeking Balance”


Nov 2011: Fifth Annual Miniature Show
Nov 2011: Michael Wilkinson, “Fire & Ice”
Nov 2011: Michael Summers’s Art Featured in San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival Brochure
Oct 2011: Afternoon at Fleming’s with Pam Starr and Christopher M.
Oct 2011: “There’s a Newf in My Soup!” Blog Post featuring Christopher M.
Oct 2011: Daniel Merriam, “Flight of Fantasy”
Sep 2011: ArtWalk on the Bay with Daniel Ryan & Michael Summers on FOX 5 San Diego
Sep 2011: Steven Quartly, “Under the Tuscan Sun”
Sep 2011: POP DOGS by Gloria Lee on KTLA
Aug 2011: Asencio, “The Painted Word”
Jul 2011: Otsuka, “Windows to Serenity”
Jul 2011: Anniversary Show featuring Walfrido Garcia
Jun 2011: Gloria Lee’s “POP DOGS” Added to the HollyWoof A-List
Jun 2011: Michael Flohr, “The Golden Era”
May 2011: Royo Show, “Moments”
May 2011: San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival Announces Michael Summers as Official Poster Artist
Apr 2011: Steve Barton Sets Sail Around the World
Apr 2011: Michael Flohr on San Diego 6 for ArtWalk
Feb 2011: Christopher M. Show
Mar 2011: Today’s Top Artists at Addison Resturant
Jan 2011: Otsuka Show


Nov 2010: Fourth Annual Miniature Show
Nov 2010: Christopher M. Unveiling of Winemaker Series
Nov 2010: Miniature Show with Michael Summers on San Diego Living
Sep 2010: “Today’s Top Artists” – Asencio, Michael Flohr and Christopher M.
Sep 2010: Tuan Show, “Existential Balance”
Aug 2010: Steve Barton Show
Aug 2010: Michael Flohr En Fuego Event on KUSI
Aug 2010: Michael Flohr and Gloria Lee on KUSI
Aug 2010: “Allegro” Asencio Show
Jun 2010: EC Custom Glass Chandelier featured in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine
Apr 2010: Christopher M. featured in Pacific Magazine!
Apr 2010: The Robb Report: Unlimited Potential
Apr 2010: Christopher M. paints with Paula Deen
Apr 2010: Christopher M. featured during 7th Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival
Mar 2010: “Lost in Venice” New Works by Steven Quartly
Mar 2010: Art Expo New York
Feb 2010: Media Advisory, “The Art & Soul of Food” with Christopher M.
Feb 2010: San Diego Magazine’s “A” List – The Art & Soul of Food
Jan 2010: “The Art of Sculpture” Group Show
Jun 2010: Michael Flohr, “Off to the Races”
Jun 2010: Michael Flohr “Off to the Races!” on KUSI Good Morning San Diego


Nov 2009: Celebrity Artist Michael Flohr Hosts Art & Wine Reception at EC Gallery
Nov 2009: The Grand Opening of the Seaport Village Gallery + The 3rd Annual Miniature Show
Nov 2009: Steve Barton & Michael Flohr Discuss “Miniature Show” with NBC News
Nov 2009: San Diego Magazine’s “A” List – Miniature Painting Show
Nov 2009: San Diego CityBeat – The To-Do List
Oct 2009: Michael Flohr Print Launch Party
Sep 2009: The Steve Barton Experience
Sep 2009: Michael Flohr, “Music as Medicine”
Aug 2009: Henry Asencio, “Crescendo”
Jul 2009: Anniversary Show featuring Walfrido Garcia
Jun 2009: Exclusive Collections Gallery Featured on Ranch and Coast
May 2009: SkyWest Magazine
May 2009: Royo Show!
May 2009: SkyWest Magazine Article on Michael Flohr
May 2009: VIP Grand Opening Event at NEW Gaslamp Venue featuring Marc Whitney!
Apr 2009: Daniel Merriam Show
Apr 2009: Daniel Merriam Show
Apr 2009: Ranch & Coast Magazine article on our NEW GALLERY!
Mar 2009: Art Business News
Feb 2009: DiningOut: Painting the Plate
Feb 2009: Portrait of a lady: Artist Henry Asencio brings out raw emotion in his paintings of the human form
Feb 2009: The Romantic Art of Steven Quartly
Jan 2009: Christopher M. “When Art Imitates Food”
2009: Christopher M. Featured in Fine Art Magazine


Nov/Dec 2008: American Traveler: Capturing Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Circumstances
Nov 2008: Christopher M. Poster Signing
Sep 2008: Official Poster Artist for The San Diego Bay Wine And Food Festival – Christopher M.
Aug 2008: Henry Asencio Show!
Jul 2008: Welcome To Paradise! by Steve Barton
Jul 2008: Artist Christopher M. is chosen as the official poster artist for the 2008 Las Vegas Art Expo
Jul 2008: Steve Barton Interview on FOX News
JUL 2008: Daniel Merriam Featured on FFFFound!
Jul 2008: “Artists To Watch” – Christopher M.
Jul 2008: Today’s Top Artists” – Henry Asencio
Jul 2008: San Diego Magazine, “Bringing the Art to the People”
Jul 2008: “Today’s Top Artists” – Michael Flohr
Jun 2008: As Seen in the San Diego Art Guide
Jun 2008: Michael Flohr at Alex Smith Foundation Fundraiser at the Hard Rock Hotel
Jun 2008: Michael Flohr with KUSI News Anchors
Jun 2008: Michael Flohr “Paints the Town”
May 2008: SD Pets: In Living Color, Local Pet Portrait Artists Create Lasting Impressions
May 2008: Fifth Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival Announces Christopher M. as “Featured Artist”
Spring 2008: Asencio in Upscale Living Magazine
Apr 2008: Daniel Merriam Show
Mar 2008: Michael Flohr & RuthAnn discuss “Good Times Square”
Mar 2008: Joseph Quillan Sculpts the “Archie Carr Lifetime Achievement Award”
Mar 2008: Take a tour of Europe without ever leaving home with the art of STEVEN QUARTLY
Feb 2008: Christopher M. Show
2008: San Diego Home & Garden


Nov 2007: Miniature Painting Show
Jul 2007: Asencio Named One of “Today’s Top Artists”
Jun 2007: Michael Flohr is named as 1 of 50 people to watch in SD!


May 2006: Exclusive Collections Cordially Invites You to “Art with a Heart”


Sep 2002: U.S. Art: Editor’s Choice