Introducing Your Children to Art

introducing your children to art


We are dedicated to fostering art appreciation for the next generation.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

As children grow, they need exposure to the arts in order to develop both sides of the brain. Most children are involved in sports and other activities while their exposure to the arts may not be as readily available. Stimulating right side thinking will help your child develop the abilities to be a creative problem solver and, perhaps, become the next great artist!

Besides the ability to create art, right brain abilities include: speed-reading skills, enhanced photographic memory skills and the ability to accurately sketch something seen only once. Children also develop abilities for performing math equations, musical talent, problem solving, and the character traits to be different from others and to think outside the box. The right brain is also responsible for visual and spatial processing, and the ability to see problems in multiple dimensions, as great physicists do. Einstein possessed this ability.

Although the right brain involves creativity and intuition, the left brain does the important job of filtering out a lot of the information bombarding our senses. This helps us to avoid “sensory overload”.

If the right brain was dominant, we would constantly be reacting to lots of information. Our left brain helps us hold a conversation while ignoring background noises. It ensures that most of the sensory input we receive remains beneath the radar of conscious awareness.

Most school curriculum favors the left-brained. Right-brained children often become bored in school because they learn creatively and don’t always follow conventional rules of arriving at answers to problems. With the emphasis on learning skills favoring the left side, parents and educators need to bring a balance by providing children with visual activities that nourish the right side of their brains. The extent to which children develop their creative right brain will determine how effectively and creatively they are able to use the knowledge they have acquired.

Parents, Grandparents and caregivers can help restore the balance by providing a fun creative environment where visual thinking is nurtured through the visual arts, music and dance.

Sightseeing, traveling, meeting new people; reading books that have many pictures will help exercise the right brain. Visiting great art at museums and galleries is a wonderful way to activate visual thinking.

Here are a few ideas to expose your child to art:

introducingchildrentoart-img021. Create a home gallery by devoting a wall at home to feature family art every week.Help your children start an illustration journal about their week. This will help them to becomevmore in tune with their environment while developing their visual skills.Create cards for the holidays.

2. Kids love to cook! Cooking is wonderfully creative and allows for both right and left brain involvement.

3. Take your children to museums, art openings and music concerts. Many parents are fearful to interrupt others in these environments. Create a time limit and go! Don’t worry about what other patrons might think.

4. Join “EC Galleries Kids Collectors Club” where your child can create with our artists. For more information contact us at